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Dead Horse Productions operated between the years of 2003-2009.
Currently laid up with Equestrian flu, DHP is resting.

Kate Neal established Dead Horse Productions in 2003 to present and promote new Australian music composition. The company’s primary objectives are to support composers and encourage the creation of new work. The company also wishes to dismantle preconceptions about what constitutes a performance.
In 2006, after three successful events, Kate joined forces with fellow composers and friends Wally Gunn and Biddy Connor – as a trio they produced the events ‘Concave City’ and ‘Ground Elastic Sound’.

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Friday 11 April 2003
fasciculus occipitofrontalis phentermine online uk endosonography New Works for Music and Film

The event presented works by Kate Neal upon her return form the Netherlands, where she studied and worked for 4 years. In conjunction with Dutch filmmaker Mendel Hardeman, this concert featured and premiered the Dead Horse Ensemble.

Friday 13 February 2004
Incomprehensible, unethical, comical, danceable, terrible, visceral, unimaginable
New music by Mayke Nas (NDL), Thierry De Mey (BLG), David Young and Kate Neal.
The event featured new compositions performed by some of Australia’s finest virtuosic musicians including pianist Michael Kieran Harvey, and percussionists bringing theatrics to works using clapping techniques, amplified tables and chalkboards.

Wednesday 13 July 2005
Manchester Lane
Dead Horse Productions and Speak Percussion double bill
Speak Percussion performed works by Cage, Alvarez and new work by Simon Charles. The program also featured “prepared-piano” with screws, nuts and pieces between the piano strings. Kate Neal presented two new compositions: Rabid Bay, composed for virtuoso pianist Michael Kieran Harvey and twelve musicians in 2004, performed by Cameron Roberts on the piano; and the world premier of Dead Horse 1, a work for six piece band, features a stellar line up of Melbourne’s’ finest jazz and classical players.

Friday and Saturday 10th and 11th February 2006
Concave City
Wally Gunn (AUS) “The Hive” world premiere
Viola, percussion and tape
Arnoud Noordergraaf (NDL) “Pong” Australian premiere
Amplified harpsichord, electronics and film
Biddy Connor (AUS) new work world premiere
Two bass clarinets, trombone and video
Brett Dean (AUS) “Etuedenfest”
String orchestra and cameo harpsichord solo
Anthony Pateras (AUS) new work world premiere
Recorder, viola, trombone, harpsichord and percussion
Kate Neal (AUS) world premiere
“Concave City” and “A Love Story For Two Cars”
String ensemble and two amplified cars (conducted by Brett Dean) and dancers
Concave City
The company will collaborate with a designer (Phillip Naughton of design Inferno) to construct a miniature, changing cityscape within the building, and include the use of an enormous projection screen, which will be moved throughout the performance. Small, mixed ensembles, a string orchestra, amplified harpsichord, two cars, pre-recorded sound scapes and new film work will all be featured in an extraordinary show.

“A Love Story For Two Cars” – a new work by Kate Neal, involves the development of a new notation system incorporating choreographic percussive elements, for two internally amplified cars and two dancers. This work is collaboration with the choreographer Anton Spark.

The title Concave City parallels the chaos and confrontations of the city with those of the cities within us: our internal cities. The modern metropolis is writ small in our minds and bodies and reflects our urban surroundings. This explores the idea of cities within cities, like Russian dolls. For example, we enter a city building to find, in miniature, the skyscrapers and streets of the city outside. It is also suggestive of a city in decline, portraying a groaning, metallic mess, slowly imploding.

Dead Horse Productions presents

Ground Elastic Sound
Friday 23 February 2007 @ 8pm.
New music works for the Dead Horse Ensemble
by David Chisholm, Biddy Connor, Wally Gunn, Peter Knight and Kate Neal.
Conductor Ben Northey.

These Melbourne composers present wild works for the wind & string Dead
Horse Ensemble with progressive audio and electronics. The content is diverse
in influences and entirely Australian.

The Dead Horse Ensemble brings together some of Melbourne’s best musical talent, from classical to jazz, including Tristram Williams (trumpet), Miki Tsonuda (violin), Adam Simmons (sax) and Anita Hustas (double bass). The event will feature electronic music elements as well, integrating ensemble and laptop, and pre-recorded sound and music.

The Forum Upstairs,
154 Flinders Street Melbourne

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